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Nora is a committed community leader, volunteer and activist, dedicated to improving the quality of life in Quincy.  A longtime broadcast journalist and communication professor, she has won state and national awards for her reporting, teaching and volunteerism. She serves on local boards in leadership positions and upholds professional standards in her career.

What others have to say

Monica Scholz

Quincy, Illinois
I have known Nora for many years as a friend and a journalist. She has a keen sense of observation developed over years of reporting on the Tri-States, and knows the issues that are important to our community. We can trust Nora to lead Quincy with intelligence, enthusiasm and compassion.

Anna Oakley

Quincy, Illinois
As a professor at Quincy University, Nora engaged diverse opinions and amplified student voices to challenge preconceptions and promote constructive discourse surrounding the complex issues facing our community.

Brenda Stalder

Quincy, Illinois
Leadership and integrity matter in local politics. Nora Baldner embodies these characteristics with her continued service to a multitude of organizations, her dedication to the betterment of Quincy through this service, and her commitment to progress. Nora has the skills necessary to unite us as we work toward the common goal of making Quincy thrive.

Lindsey Lane

Quincy, Illinois
We are living in unprecedented times. NOW, is when kindness and humanity can make a comeback! I believe that Nora will be the vehicle of change, for Quincy to come together and celebrate our differences.

Rodney Hart

Quincy, Illinois
I support Nora Baldner because she’ll bring a fresh perspective to our city government. I have known Nora for many years, both personally and professionally, and I know that as Mayor she will be a responsible advocate for Quincy citizens.

Julie Schuetz

Quincy, Illinois
I had the honor of serving on the QCT Board with Nora as President. I was inspired by her leadership. She was efficient, level-headed, asked pertinent and essential questions, was innovative, and led with courage and compassion. In the midst of a pandemic, she led with a calm certitude that allowed the Board to make the decisions to ensure an almost 100-year-old institution will be enjoyed by this community well into the future. She is the epitome of a servant leader.

Julie Bell

Quincy, Illinois
It is a pleasure working with Nora. She is ethical, dedicated, hard-working and caring. She takes on challenges with a can-do attitude.

Jasmine Crighton

Quincy, Illinois
I served on a non-profit org’s board with Nora Baldner. Nora helped streamline our convention planning processes and was a wonderful teammate. It was a great experience to serve under her leadership.

Dennis Fisk

Quincy, Illinois
I’m a lifelong resident of Quincy and I endorse Nora Baldner to be our next Mayor. I think she will do an excellent job. She is a sharp person and I think that is what this city needs.

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